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Cryptid Crate

Cryptid Crate - Mystery Sampler - No Subscription

Cryptid Crate - Mystery Sampler - No Subscription

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If you're thinking about signing up for a subscription for Cryptid Crate, but want to test the waters a bit first, this is the product for you.  


It will include about half of the contents of a typical Cryptid Crate.  Contents will be selected from prior months.  

Lite with T-shirts will usually include 2 total items.  

Lite without t-shirts will usually include 2-4 total items.

Full with T-shirts will usually include 4 items.

Full without T-shirts will usually include 4-6 items.

Items will be a surprise and are randomly selected from prior months!

As an extra special bonus, each shipment will include a great coupon code incentive to sign up for a full Cryptid Crate Subscription.

Important note: This is a random selection of items from prior months. We pack them up and they are sitting on the shelf.  We do not know what is in the box.  It is really intended for people to get a bit of a feeler of what it might be like to sign up for our regular Cryptid Crate subscription. If you buy two of them, it is possible you might get some or all of the same items.


All orders ship on the 1st weekday of the month after the order is placed. (Ex: If you subscribe on June 13th, your first crate will ship July 1st.) Shipping is always free to US customers.

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