Pips Mountain
The Monthly Dice Calendar Box

What's Inside the Box

You will receive a box containing 30 sealed pouches, each one numbered for the day and containing a single mystery die

A true random selection. The other 23 dice will be a random selection of cool dice in all the poly shapes and in an amzing variety. (Not just d6s)

Guaranteed one (1) matching seven-piece poly set in each box!

No boring, standard colored opaques

Add on whatever you want. Including a Mystery Grab Bag!

No factory seconds

If you love it, you can even sign up for a shipment every month at a discount!

How It Works

1. Order your calendar box.

2. Your box gets delivered.

3. Yes, it's that simple.

What People Say About Pips Mountain

'Look like 11/10 dice'

'Opening new dice every day has certainly been the highlight of my mornings...'

'My kids are loving the box of shiny math rocks!'

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