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Cryptid Crate Junior Subscription

Cryptid Crate Junior Subscription

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Cryptid Crate Junior is based on our popular Cryptid Crate subscription box but is tailored to younger audiences.  

We've designed this crate to be accessible for budding cryptozoologists 10 and under, but we're sure that it will appeal to kids of all ages!  We will feature the creatures, but keep the creepiness to a minimum.

Cryptid Crate Junior is a partnership between the team at Box Mountain LLC and Lisa at Cryptid Comforts.  

Each month will feature a different Cryptid.  Every crate will be guaranteed to feature a t-shirt produced by Cryptid Crate and a stuffed plush toy handcrafted by Cryptid Comforts.  It will also feature a few other fun surprise items like stickers, buttons, pins, patches, and perhaps an occasional book or coloring book themed around the cryptid of that month.  

The shirt will either be a totally new design or selected from previous Cryptid Crate shirts but now available in children's sizes.

This product is being launched as part of our Foundry category.  This is a new solution we are trying out to test out new products.  

Here's how it works:

-Free shipping in the United States!  

-You will sign up for your subscription using the options on this page.

-Your first crate will ship on the first of the month after you order.  For example, an order on January 8th, 2022 will ship on February 1, 2022.

-You will then be charged a renewal on the 15th of each month starting in December for as long as you choose to keep the subscription active. Each charge applies to the crate that ships on the first of the following month.

-If you decide you want to skip a month, pause, or cancel the subscription, you will be able to do so easily at any time from your account page!

Here are some photos of prior months:

December 2021 - Loch Ness Monster


January 2022 - Batsquatch



What is The Foundry at Box Mountain

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The Foundry is Box Mountain’s latest collection of new products and releases. You can expect a variety of items that don’t necessarily fall under the existing Maker Box, Cryptid Crate, and Pips Mountain product lines.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tina Griffin
Love the detail!

My kiddo and I loved the box that arrived. All the items were fun, exciting and we learned something new. My son is looking forward to his next box.

Jayden Burgess

My son loved his first box. He asks me everyday when the next one is coming.

Candi DuBois

I thought the items themselves were great, but my son was disappointed that only one cryptid was featured


My son loves the boxes they receive and enjoys learning about different cryptids. Reasonable price for everything included and their customer service is great.

Candace Haessig

My son absolutely loves his crates and the customer service is amazing!

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