What to Do if You're Running into Issues Subscribing

What to Do if You're Running into Issues Subscribing

Certain browsers and ad-blockers can interfere with the subscription check-out process. This leads to a one-time purchase of the product, rather than a monthly subscription. Here is how to ensure you are purchasing the full subscription.

What Your Checkout Should Look Like

If you are purchasing a subscription, you will automatically be redirected to reoccuringcheckout.com to complete the purchase. Otherwise, you are only purchasing a single month of the product. Refer to the examples below.

Correct checkout screen for a subscription purchase

There has been an error processing your subscription. Pleased refer to the browser compatibility list below.

Shopify Compatible Browsers

Ensure you are purchasing the subscription from one of the Shopify-compatible browsers below. If you are still having issues, it may be an ad-blocking extension that is interfering with the checkout. Refer to your specific browser’s instructions on how to temporarily disable that extension prior to making the purchase.

Still having trouble?

Contact us and a member of our team will be happy to help set up your subscription

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