• Box Mountain Black Friday Sales!

    We love offering great deals every year for Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend!  We'll have deals on cryptozoology items from Cryptid Crate, 3D Prinitng materials from Maker Box, and Dice advent calendars by Pips Mountain
  • Featured in Cryptid Crate - November 2021

    The November 2021 Cryptid Crate Featured a fidget theme and included a Fresno Nighcrawlers Shirt, Animated Bigfoot Fidget Spinner, Strange Days Zine, Cryptozoologist Bracelet, Cryptid Crate Pop Socket, Mothman Pennant, and an El Chupacabra sticker.
  • Announcing Cryptid Crate Junior - Spoilers Ahead!

    Introducing Cryptid Crate Junior!  Read on to learn about this new Cryptid Crate product for kids!
  • Daire's Devils - Give the Enemy Hell! Guest Blog Post

    Danielle from espec books, publisher of our Systema Paradoxa series provides a guest blog post about their Daire's Devil kickstarter book campaign.
  • Featured Cryptid Crate - October 2021 Batsquatch

     The October 2021 Cryptid Crate has a Batsquatch / Cryptid Fight Club theme. This is the latest in our quarterly series of fully custom crates produces in partnership with Systema Paradoxa. 
  • Albatwitch Day

    Come see us at Albatwitch Day on October 9th!
  • Featured in Cryptid Crate - September 2021 Yokai

    Check out the latest Cryptid Crate at Shipped to subscribers on September 1st, 2021.  The September 2021 Cryptid Cra...
  • A Review of Pips Mountain Dice Calendar

    A great Pips Mountain unboxing from Steph and Michael at All the Meeples of the Rainbow!
  • See you at Cryptid Bash!!

    Come see us at Cryptid Bash 2021!
  • Featured in Cryptid Crate - July 2021

    The July 2021 Cryptid Crate has a Montauk Monster theme. This box is the third in our series of quarterly features based around the Systema Paradox...
  • 3D Printing Sample Tips - What to Print?

    Maker Box provides samples in 16m coils.  This is roughly 50g depending on the density of the material.   A lot of people will ask us what they can...
  • How to use Loyalty Points at Box Mountain

    If you have your account on our new site at, you may have noticed a little widget on the screen mentioning points.   One of the ...