J'Ba Fofi Coin added!!!

J'Ba Fofi Coin added!!!

Lots of memes running around out there about "Cryptid Currency not Cryptocurrency". Well we have your Cryptid Coins.

Every 3 months our Crytpid Crate is devoted to EXCLUSIVE merch. The Systema Pardoxa series of book commissioned by us from eSpec Publishing, a Challenge Coin, Shirt and Figurine. All themed after the Cryptid of the month. A great way to learn about Cryptids you may not have heard of, if we do say so ourselves.

If we have any item left over, we list them for you to purchase! And these coins are amazing!

Last month was J'Ba Fofi. Just look at that coin. And the shirt is equally stunning. And wait till you read the book! And don't forget the collectable figurine. It is Tiki style and STACKABLE.

Check out the Coin here!

We have a few full Crates left, check them out here!

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