Featured Cryptid Crate - October 2021 Batsquatch

Featured Cryptid Crate - October 2021 Batsquatch

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Shipped to subscribers on October 1st, 2021.


The October 2021 Cryptid Crate has a Batsquatch / Cryptid Fight Club theme.  

This is the latest in our quarterly series of fully custom crates produces in partnership with Systema Paradoxa.  We're pretty excited about this crate because we will have a tie in with the Cryptid Vs Cryptid podcast where they provide their own take on one of the matches from the book!

-Batsquatch T-Shirt - MSRP $20

Custom artwork for Cryptid Crate produced by Sean Rinna

 -Custom Batsquatch Resin Figuring MSRP $15

Designed exclusively for Cryptid Crate!

-Batsquatch Challenge Coin MSRP $20

Batsquatch on one side with the Cryptid Crate logo on the back.  This challenge coin is designed and produced exclusively for Cryptid Crate by Icon Coins.

-Cryptid Fight Club Book- MSRP $13.00

ESystema Paradoxa Volume 6.  By Patrick Thomas

PI and retired MMA fighter Rufus Griffin pounds the streets of Vegas on the tail of an unfaithful spouse, but what he finds is a tale of another sort. One of intrigue and illicit fight clubs and cage bouts too incredulous to believe, even when he sees the fighters with his own eyes.

He keeps his head down and stays on task until he discovers those in the ring aren't there by choice. A victim of abuse himself, there is no way he can leave them to their fate, even when his official business concludes.

Rufus Griffin dives back into the underbelly of the Strip and comes out fighting.

Additional Bonus Items:

-Batsquatch Sticker

This sticker was provided as a bonus item by Adam at Creature Kids Books.  Check out his Instagram HERE

-Cryptid vs Cryptid Podcast Sticker

Cryptid Vs Cryptid is a podcast that features scenarios where two cryptids battle.  They come up with stats based on the lore and sightings for each creature and then come up with an arena where they battle.  It's a lot of fun and very informative.  

They will be releasing a special episode on October 15 that ties in to this month's Cryptid Crate!

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