Featured in Cryptid Crate - November 2021

Featured in Cryptid Crate - November 2021

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Shipped to subscribers on November 1st, 2021.

The November 2021 Cryptid Crate has a Fidget theme.  

We selected items this month that might fit well for those of us with short attention spans and those of use who enjoy fidgets to help keep focus.

-Fresno Nightcrawlers T-Shirt - MSRP $20

Magical Walking Pants!  We saw this art on Tuff Ghost Art instagram page a while back and have been hoping we would have a good time to get it in a crate!  It's not necessarily a fidget item, but we think it's still pretty great!

-Animated Bigfoot Fidget Spinner MSRP $13

Fidget spinner with a running sasquatch.  Record this spinning at a set frame rate and you'll get an animated video of the sasquatch on the edge running!  Designed for Cryptid Crate by A Pyro Designs.  Check out more of their work on their Etsy.

-Strange Days Zine MSRP $7

Strange Days is a self published, Fortean-themed zine. It's full of original stories, essays, and first-hand accounts about the strange and unusual things around us. Stories of ghosts, UFOs, men in black, cryptids, exorcists and more! It also features the work of many great photographers and illustrators.  You can find more on their Etsy.

-Cryptid Crate Pop Socket MSRP $13

Authentic Pop Socket with the Cryptid Crate Logo.  Attach it to the back of your phone for a built in stand / holder.  Also fun to play with. 

 -Mystic Novelty Co Cryptozoologist Bracelet MSRP $2

Silicone bracelet showing off your interest!  Part of a set by Mystic Novelty.  You can find more on their Etsy

-Mothman Pennant MSRP $10

 Continuing with our series of Cryptid Pennants...  It's Mothman!  In the style of the Point Pleasant statue that we previously featured on the mini lanterns in August.  We felt like the art didn't really get a fair show on those lanterns, so we're doing it again here.  Art by Blair Webb of Fright Night Sketches

 -El Chupacabra Sticker MSRP $4

Featuring art by Sid Quaide in an 80s skater style.  You can check out more of his work here.
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