August 2017 Cryptid Crate

August 2017 Cryptid Crate


THEY EXIST TSHIRT - Folklore Goods and Supply, established in Lafayette, Louisiana in January of 2016 is the brain child of three local artists who's Louisiana roots were inspiration to create a world where their imaginations could run wild. Classic folktale monsters and vintage sci-fi films are just a few of the childhood obsessions that inspire the majority of Folklore Goods and Supply's art and apparel designs, which pay homage to the peculiar and paranormal subject matter. Folklore's founders strive to incorporate all of their nostalgic sentiments, covering the widely known stories of bigfoot and UFO's, as well as showcasing local mythos. Ultimately, Folklore's intention is to provide products that people of all ages can enjoy, and hopefully inspire conversations about the weird and wonderful world of the supernatural.

SASQWATCH - Designed with the bigfoot in mind—this cleverly designed timepiece has a rugged strap to stay secure in the thickest of hostile environments. The face itself is a tribute to the single iconic piece of evidence of Sasquatch’s existence—his mighty, massive footprint. Using the beast’s own arms to illustrate the time—this bigfoot watch is no hoax and will not only get noticed on your wrist, but will mystify and delight onlookers.

THE BACK 80 DVD - In the heart of mid-America, something terrifying lurks. During the summer of 2013, a woman’s world is turned upside down after seeing a creature cross the road in front of her. She soon realizes that she is not alone on her own property and struggles to separate the truth from her own obsession. Her quest for answers takes her to the only place these creatures could live…the abandoned, gated woods of the back eighty. (10 lucky subscribers receive autographed lobby cards from the film.)

CRYPTID COLORING BOOK - Luck of the draw gives you either Monsters and Aliens in America or Mothman, Aliens & Flying Saucers. Your favorite aliens and creatures in one coloring book! Sixteen pages to color, plus Notes for Investigators with the story
behind each sighting and encounter, and an activity on the back cover! Hand-drawn by artist Terence Hanley.

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