3D Printing Sample Tips - What to Print?

3D Printing Sample Tips - What to Print?

Maker Box provides samples in 16m coils.  This is roughly 50g depending on the density of the material.  

A lot of people will ask us what they can actually print with such a "small" amount of filament.  The reality is that a 16m sample may be more than you think!  

When I was still at Printed Solid, I took a stroll around our show room one day to see how many of our demo prints could have been printed with a single sample.  I went around and collected all the samples that were 50g or smaller and took the picture below.  There are many fun prints in PLA or other easy materials and many functional prints in materials like ASA, ABS, PETG, Polycarbonate, nylon, and even one in glass fiber filled polypropylene!  I'll also point out that several of the components of the printer they are sitting on are 3D Printed and all of those parts are 50g or smaller too!  

Unfortunately, this picture was taken years ago and I no longer recall the source of many of the files, but I'll be putting up a future post with some more specific ideas.

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