Gun It

You slam your foot on the accelerator and swerve around the stopped car.  As you drive by, you steal a quick look and the three figures turn their heads to track your car in unison.  Despite the sunglasses, you can somehow tell that they are staring at you.  

Kelly is staring down at the floor of the car and completely pale.  

After a few minutes of driving in silence, Kelly starts speaking in a quiet, shaky voice.  "My grandmother has told me this story a dozen times.  About 50 years ago, she had a nearly identical experience with my grandfather driving on this same road."

You ask, "wow!  That's pretty weird.  What happened?"

Kelly says, "They drove silently for about half an hour after seeing the weird men, then they both just started laughing and said they must have been seeing things.  Everything seemed normal, but my grandfather started seeing all kinds of weird things after that.   One night, he said that there were little kids with black eyes knocking on the door and asking to come in at 2am.  Then a few months later, he said he saw a giant winged creature with glowing red eyes.  A year to the day after the sighting, he swore that he saw a large hairy man throwing rocks at the house before running into the woods.  He grabbed his rifle and took off after the man.   That was the last anybody ever saw of my grandfather."  

Grateful to be away from the strange mean, you continue driving home, but can't help but notice strange movements out of the corner of your eye for the entire rest of the drive.  

When you arrive home, you research cryptid and paranormal creatures on the internet and stumble across Cryptid Crate at  It looks pretty awesome.  You have this nagging sensation in your gut that the fate of Kelly's grandfather may also be waiting for you, but you figure you can at least enjoy some cool swag while you're on your way!  

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