Explore new filament monthly, as seen on 3D Printing Nerd!

We partnered with Joel Telling from 3D Printing Nerd to show how a Maker Box is made, and explore some of the benefits a monthly filament sample subscription offers.

Check out the video below to watch him build, and then unbox his own Maker Box!

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Don't miss out on another Maker Box. New monthly subscriptions go out around the 25th of each month. Bimonthly boxes ship around the 25th of each even month.

What is Maker Box?

Maker Box is a service that provides you with a low cost method that allows you to try 4 filaments from different manufacturers every month. Try all the filaments without spending all the money.

Try New Filaments

Get introduced to some of the most unique and innovative filaments available.

Reduce Costs

Take the gamble out of trying new filaments without buying the entire spool.

Buy at a Discount

Get exclusive discounted prices on the filaments you love

Try it Out

Give this intro box a try to test out how you like 3D printing with sample lengths

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Maker Mystery Box

[...] because of this box, the samples I got, I like how it performs - I would buy this filament.

[..] and that's the point of this. To try out a filament to see if you want to buy a larger roll of it...and I'm going to buy a larger roll of it because this is freaking cool.

- Joel from 3D Printing Nerd on the virtues of our Maker Box subscriptions.

How Makerbox is Made

Please note: This video features the 2018 Dcecember Maker Box. Future boxes will be different!

Making with My Makerbox