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The September 2020 Cryptid Crate has a Flatwoods Monster theme.


1)  Beyond The Fray: Paramalgamation Value $13.99 + S&H. 

From sinister goblins to the utterly terrifying Wendigo, Beyond The Fray: Paramalgamation has over two hundred pages of encounter stories that will send shivers down your spine.

First you might be asking, what is paramalgamation? Simply, it is the melding together of inexplicable paranormal experiences, which can and should by all rights be wholly separate.

In this second book by renowned paranormal researcher, Shannon LeGro and bestselling author, G. Michael Hopf; comes a collection of unexplained, nearly impossible to classify encounters with the strange, terrifying, and life-changing. Run-ins with goblins, creatures, and human-looking copies that don’t fit into a neat little box like Bigfoot or ghosts.

This is a collection of some of the strangest and scariest stories ever told by the people who experienced them. Sit back, relax and we suggest you keep a light on.

2)  Flatwoods Monster Water Bottle: Value $12.99

A Cryptid Crate exclusive!  Flatwoods Monster on the face of this Green anodized aluminum water bottle with carabiner attached lid.  Featuring art by Spencer Schultz. Check him out on YouTube and Instagram @blankface_studios.  Produced exclusively for Cryptid Crate.

3)  Flatwoods Monster T-Shirt: Value $19.99 

Another Cryptid Crate Exclusive.  While the Flatwoods Monster is typically presented as almost robotic, with many metallic parts, this artist took a much more organic monster kind of an approach and we think it's pretty amazing.  

Art by:  Blair Webb. 

If you like the art and want to have yourself drawn in the same style, you may want to check out his Fright Night Sketches
Get yourself drawn as a zombie, famous monster or with your favorite horror icon! message Dana here for details and pricing.

4)  Flatwoods Monster Terrarium Sticker:   Value $3.48 + S&H

THE QUEEN OF WEST VIRGINIA! Braxton County's most precious UFO, it's the Flatwoods Monster! First spotted in 1952, the Flatwoods Monster was seen after a series of bright lights in the sky. Inside a terrarium filled with West Virginian flora, the Flatwood's Monster can now be seen anywhere you choose to stick her!

This is a transparent sticker, working like a real terrarium, meaning parts of it are see-through! The sticker is vinyl, meaning it can stand up whatever the weather can throw at it without fading.

 From Eldritch Rach Etsy

 5)  Flatwoods Monster Iron On Patch:  Value $7.00 + S&H

Travel patch featuring your favorite cryptid for this month.  From the always awesome monsterologist.  Check out their other items here:


Jack Heywood and Greg Falla from the Cereal Killers Podcast sent us a bunch of stickers for all of you.  Check out their Cryptid Crispies series of podcasts at

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jonathon Casey Griffith

Bought this as a gift for a friend and it is perfect!!!!

Tracy Aldrich
Fantastic Flatwoods Monster!

The t-shirt art on this one was just fantastic, what a creative rendition of the Flatwoods Monster! I loved it.

Maggie Birmingham
September Cryptid Crate

My granddaughter loves it!

Love it!

I've loved every Cryptid Crate so far and this is no exception! All great quality items; can't wait to wear my shirt and start the book!

Judith Erickson
Flatwoods monster

Love the tee shirt, I’ll wear it to the Senior center. They think I’m weird already!