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Cryptid Crate

Cryptid Crate October 2022 Halloween

Cryptid Crate October 2022 Halloween

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The September 2022 Cryptid Crate was themed after Bigfoot.  

-Friends Beyond the Grave T-shirt  - MSRP $20

Bigfoot, Hokpinsville Goblin, and a Fresno Nightcrawler visiting the grave site of a fallen friend.  Perfect for Halloween.  Featuring art by Todd Purse of Create Magic Studios.

Check out more of his work at

Shirt also available for individual sale here:

-American Cryptids: A coloring book for the strange and unusual - MSRP $7 

plus colored pencils MSRP $4

By Paranoid American

A unique cryptozoology coloring book full of cryptids specific to North America. Featuring 25 different detailed drawings to color!

-The Last Dinosaur of the Lost World: My Search for 'Little Nessie' - MSRP $15

By Ben Tejada-Ingram

Every now and then there are stories you come across that seem ripped straight from the pages of fiction, that capture your imagination. Back in 2007, when I stumbled upon a mysterious post on a message board that detailed sightings of a strange, dinosaur-like creature living on an isolated jungle plateau, my first reaction was: the author must have been reading too much Arthur Conan Doyle! The post detailed an amazing eyewitness account, and included photos as proof. Part of me was incredulous, but another part of me wanted to believe.

Over a decade later, this story had stuck with me, so I started to investigate. Who had written it, were the people mentioned in it even real, and most importantly: could any of it be true? What began as a random trip down an obscure online rabbit hole, morphed into a full-fledged investigation as I started researching the real people, places, and history behind this bizarre and amazing cryptid living deep in the jungle far from civilization. This book is the result, putting together the words and pictures of scientists, researchers, explorers and adventurers, into the complete story of what may well be a living dinosaur, the “little Nessie” of Angel Falls.

 -Meditating Sasquatch Eraser - MSRP $4

-Legend of the Loch Highland Creme Coffee - MSRP $6

Legend of the Loch - Highland Cream flavored coffee is a delightful combination of Sweet Cream and Honey, Carmalized Sugar and a wee hint of Salted Vanilla. Medium roast.

-Goatman Square Button - MSRP $4

Goatman art by Holly Wholahan on a square button.  

Check out more of her work at


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