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Cryptid Crate

Cryptid Crate Junior - Squonk - 6-23

Cryptid Crate Junior - Squonk - 6-23

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Please note, quantities are limited and we will be producing shirts individually as ordered.  Please message us with your shirt size after you order.  Sizes Youth XL up to Adult 3XL available.  


June junior crate was our first junior crate without a plushie. Fear not they’ll be back next month, and every other month. The theme of this crate, the Squonk. Not familiar with the Squonk? Well, the Squonk was first noted in the book Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods from 1910. IRS said to reside in the Hemlock forests of Northern Pennsylvania. The Squonk cries all the time because it’s so ugly. It has sagging skin that doesn’t fit. Self esteem issues abound with this creature. It’s also said that they can cry so hard they will dissolve into a bubbling puddle. To learn more visit our resident Squonk expert, Cryptid Comforts. You can also visit a festival called Squonkapalooza in August in Johnstown, PA that is hosted by Cryptid Comforts and Cryptoteeology. 
Squonk activity book by Cryptid Comforts
Tshirt designed by Cryptoteeology  available for individual purchase at
Patches by Evkami art
Sticker by Cryptid Clyde
Pins by Karen Sim
Trading card by Holly Who art
Squonkapalooza is coming to Johnstown, PA August 26th.


All orders ship on the 1st weekday of the month after the order is placed. (Ex: If you subscribe on June 13th, your first crate will ship July 1st.) Shipping is always free to US customers.

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