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Cryptid Crate

Cryptid Crate January 2023 Cryptid Road Trip

Cryptid Crate January 2023 Cryptid Road Trip

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The January 2023 Cryptid Crate was a Cryptid Road Trip and featured lots of great items from all over!  


Map in Black is a full color, two-sided 38' x 50" paper map. It folds down to 5" x 10" for convenient storage in a backpack, glove box or drawer. The entire front side is a detailed map of North America with over one thousand pinpoints in the supernatural realm. The back has an alphabetical listing by state and province of each pinpoint divided into 8 categories:

• Aliens/UFOs
• Ancient American Sites
• Cryptids
• Ecology
• Hauntings
• Military/Government
• Native Lands
• Sacred Geography

Check them out at  

-Strange Ohio Magnet  - MSRP $5

Features some Cryptids of Ohio.  By Conjuredust Designs.  Check them out at

-Terror at 100 MPH Mothman T-Shirt- MSRP $20

You may encounter mothman on your road trip.  T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.  By Cryptoteeology.  Check out more of their work

-Mothman Map and Hodag postcards - MSRP $1 each

Postcards from your journey!  Check out more from the creators at

Mothman postcard


Hodag postcard

-I BRAKE FOR CRYPTIDS license plate frame - MSRP $10

-Van Meter Visitor Travel Bag - MSRP $20

Travel bag featuring Van Meter Visitor art by Jermiah at Bigfoot Society Podcast.  Make sure to check them out here

-Turtle Town Keychain - MSRP $5

Turtle Town Keychain

-Additional bonus stickers from Sasquatch the Legend

Make sure to check them out at 

Sasquatch the Legend



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