Pull over to get help

Despite Kelly's quieter and quieter utterances to keep on driving, you decide to stop.  How could you leave these people stranded in the middle of nowhere?  There's no cell signal out here and there is barely ever anyone on the road especially on a Sunday.  
You pull over and hop out of the car, and call out to the men, "Hey, it looks like you could use a hand."   
At this point, you realize you have made a huge mistake.  These "men" are clearly not human.  They are all nearly 7 feet tall, with extremely slender bodies and long arms.  Their faces are long and white.  Not pale, but white like a sheet of paper.  
The creatures start walking towards you.  They are walking in a single file line with strange arm movements.  All of their motions are completely synced.
You reach into your pockets for something to defend yourself, but find nothing there but your lucky D20.  
What will you do?

Roll for Initiative

Turn and Run

Page Roll