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Cryptid Crate



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Shipped to subscribers on April 1st, 2021.

The April 2021 Cryptid Crate has a Wunk theme.

For April, we decided to go with a bit of an April Fool's theme.  The Wunk is in a category of cryptids that were first reportedly identified as a known hoax.  This includes things like the jackelope and hodaq where the originator of the story admits that it was an intentional hoax.  The Wunk appears to have originated as a hazing story for new lumberjacks.  Was it based off of a real sighting or was it only ever a story to scare newbies?  That answer is probably lost to history.  In this crate, we will explore it as a real sighting.

This box is also the second in our series of quarterly features based around the Systema Paradoxa book series.

-Wunk T-Shirt - MSRP $22.99

Another Cryptid Crate Exclusive.  Featuring an artists interpretation of the Wunk in green on a heather purple background. Colors may vary in larger sizes.

Art by:  Blair Webb. 

If you like the art and want to have yourself drawn in the same style, you may want to check out his Fright Night Sketches
Get yourself drawn as a zombie, famous monster or with your favorite horror icon! message Dana here for details and pricing.

-Gone to Ground - Systema Paradoxa Volume 2- MSRP $13.00

By Aaron Rosenberg.  

In the heyday of the Roaring Twenties, Trevor Kinkaid's house parties were the highlight of the social season, with lively music, the most fashionable of clothes, excellent food, and, of course, illicit drink.

Not just the place to see and be seen, but the place to be noticed.

But when a fresh new face catches Trevor's eye and she later turns up dead, no one sees a thing. Or do they? As the cream of society look on their host with speculation, his protests of innocence fall on jaded ears.

 Even with some unexpected help, can the local detective unearth the truth in time? Or will the real perpetrator go to ground?

-Custom Designed Wunk Resin Figurine - MSRP $15.00

A Cryptid Crate exclusive! Resin figurine custom designed and produced for Cryptid Crate. This marks the first in a series that will ship quarterly. Only in Cryptid Crate.

-Wunk Collectible Coin - MSRP $20.00

Designed and produced exclusively for Cryptid Crate by Icon Coins.  This coin features a sharp interpretation of the Wunk on the front with the Cryptid Crate logo on the back.


Print of cryptid and paranormal entities with information on The Experiencer Support Association.  Check their experience reporting app at


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