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Maker Box - Explorer Plan

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Prepay for 3, 6, or 9 months and save BIG!

The Maker Box Explorer plan is the ORIGINAL subscription for trying out different kinds of 3D Printing Filaments. 

Each month features 4 samples of different types of filament from different manufacturers.  The samples are 16m.  Different materials have different densities, but for PLA this works out to be 50g.  For ABS it is closer to 40, and for some of the metal fills we have featured it is over 100g.  

We strive to introduce our members to every different type of filament out there.  ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, Fluoropolymer, PP, PC, PBT, PCTG, TPU, with many different blends, and fillers such as metals, glass, carbon fiber, kevlar, etc.  All have been featured in the box.  Our members are some of the most involved people in the 3D Printing community and industry and they all say that they have discovered something they have never heard of in this box at some point!

If you want to hear more, check out this interview between co-owner Matthew Gorton and 3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling

The box ships on the last Tuesday on or before the 25th of the month.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 382 reviews
Solves the mystery of trying different filaments types

I truly enjoy receiving different type of filaments without breaking the bank, experimenting is an expensive habit, and this box helps solves the price and curiosity of trying different types and brands

Haven't Got a Box that I Didn't Like

I've been with the service sense May of 2016 and I've liked every box I've been sent. I started with the service as the price of certain filament can be high for a 1k reel and as I've learned through the service that some filament (ultra flexible filaments, some nylons, etc) my printer can not handle them.
In the past I've also asked employees of Box Mountain for recomendations on alternative filament styles/color when I was unable to get a color that was supplied in a previous box and they gave great recomendations.
The Box Mountain team is always very active on social media too, which is always nice to know whats up coming and be able to provide feedback and suggestions for new filament.
As long as I'm printing I will continue to use this service and recomend it to everyone else I know who prints.

Enjoyably good

I'm really enjoying my monthly makerbox. They bring a challenge as well as a chance to test different manufacturers of filament.

Great idea that needs tweaking

I’ve been getting these for about four months now. I like the idea but certain things keep reoccurring that I would like to comment on. First, every single box I’ve gotten has had a gray, black, white or all of above colored filaments in it. These are the least useful colors to showcase what the filament looks like. Second And I’ll admit I understand that this may be cost prohibitive, there are a lot of filaments out there that are rare and have specialized capabilities for example some that function like clay. These would be ideal to get a samples. I would like to see more filaments that I would have to have a sample of the try before I commit to a full roll. Third, I like the candy and stickers. Keep it up.

Fun box

Fun way to try out other types of filaments