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Maker Box - Everything Plan

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Prepay for 3, 6, or 9 months and save BIG!

The Maker Box Everything plan combines all the samples from the Easy plan and the Explorer plan with a sweet bundled discount!

iconThe Easy Plan Half of the Box

The Easy plan half of the box features 4 samples of filament in different colors from a single manufacturer each month. The samples are normally 50g / 16m but some manufacturers will offer bonus lengths of up to 75g. The material will be PLA or something that prints at typical PLA settings. No special nozzles, enclosure, or heated bed.

iconThe Explorer Plan Half of the Box

The Maker Box Explorer plan half of the box features 4 samples of different types of filament from different manufacturers. The samples are 16m. Different materials have different densities, but for PLA this works out to be 50g. For ABS it is closer to 40, and for some of the metal fills we have featured it is over 100g.

iconBonus surprises

Fun surprises may include stickers, candy, and a coupon for a discount on your favorite filament.

The box ships on the last Tuesday on or before the 25th of the month.

Our Mission

We strive to introduce our members to every different type of filament out there. ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, Fluoropolymer, PP, PC, PBT, PCTG, TPU, with many different blends, and fillers such as metals, glass, carbon fiber, kevlar, etc. All have been featured in the box. Our members are some of the most involved people in the 3D Printing community and industry and they all say that they have discovered something they have never heard of in this box at some point!

If you want to hear more, check out this interview between co-owner Matthew Gorton and 3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling

Customer Reviews

Based on 279 reviews
Good Mixture of Cool Filaments

Talk about a wide range of types of filament. From PLA to Nylon to Carbon. Already used the nylon to print me new threaded rod nuts. And used my coupon to order some hardened nozzles. Thank you for the wide range to play with. My wife had me order some extras.

Very surprised

I was totally surprised about the quality and quantity of samples that I received in the maker box. I'm going to continue my subscription going. I would highly recommend this to everyone out there.


I love trying all the new filaments and print ‘sample tabs’ of every one I receive to mount to the shelves my machines sit on, 556 of them and counting!

Nice way to explore filaments

Subscriber of the “Everything” monthly box for the past 10 months? I have received some interesting filaments as well as some brands I had not heard of before or had not considered. The anti-microbial PETG let me print some hands free helpers. I also have received some flexible filaments to experiment with. Also some nice stickers for the manufacturer of the main filament offering of the box. Always ships per schedule and is a nice surprise on my doorstep each month.

Keeps me wanting more.

I really enjoyed the box this month, I was super happy with the wide scope that it covered. The only issue I had wasn't with the box but with the PMMA sample, I could not get it to adhere to save my life. But everything else was fantastic.